Profound State of Relaxation

All Bristol Massage Therapy practitioners love what we do, whether our clients seek a 'fix', relaxation, time out, nurture or just some "me time". Occasionally we ask a client whether they would be happy to provide us with a testimonial or review. Sometimes these pop up on our Facebook or Google+ page. Sometimes they come directly to us by email, so we add them to our personal profiles and the BMT Testimonials page. Very occasionally, the words that come back to us are overwhelming.

As massage therapists we firmly believe in the power of massage, whether in terms of encouraging a mental and physical state of calm, enhancing their physical well being or in a more metaphysical, mind-body relationship kind of way. Indeed, a recent article published on BuzzFeed was titled Getting a Massage Shifted My Relationship With My Body.

Whatever the reasons behind a client's decision to book a massage appointment, to put their body in our hands, it is always an honour to be trusted, to hold a space for them, to be asked to provide them with the care, nurture and expertise we can offer.

Our thanks to one of Thea's clients for taking the time to provide such a beautifully thoughtful and honest testimonial of their work together so far, and for allowing us to post her words in a stand alone post. We think you'll agree they warrant the attention.

Testimonial from Thea's client

"In December I walked through the door of BMT for the first time feeling weary and depleted. Everyday life had become a battle to stay afloat with fatigue, poor concentration and a racing mind. I relied on coffee to get me through the working day and my body felt out kilter with a broken sleep pattern and a flare up of a longstanding eating disorder. I’d often find myself walking down the street and whilst I was aware of traffic, general activity and people rushing around me, everything appeared muffled and distant as though I wasn’t quite inhabiting the same space and moment as those around me. It was almost as though my body was shutting down in sympathy with the emotional apathy that had washed over me for longer than I cared to remember.

"Having been stuck in a rut, I’ve been amazed by the changes that have started to unfold through my fortnightly massage treatments with Thea. Each session has provided huge insight into the layers of dysfunction that have accumulated inside me affecting my physical and emotional health. Thea has a deep intuitive awareness which draws her straight to the problem areas. She listens to the body and can hear the answers, knowing exactly what to fix and how to explore further.

"During my first session, I realised that my sensory awareness of my left leg was poor, verging on non-existent. Even though my logical brain knew that Thea was working on my left leg, I couldn’t really feel the leg which felt disconnected and numb in comparison to the other side. As she moved upwards the same phenomenon was apparent around my right shoulder. It was almost as though there was a missing connection between my brain and body. I left the first few sessions feeling exhausted but calmer and more relaxed. After the 4th session, I realised that my energy levels were on the rise and my sensory awareness of my body was significantly heightened and more symmetrical. She also did some interesting work around my diaphragm so breathing is beginning to feel freer and less constrained. Her work around my pelvis has opened another can of worms as she knew exactly where to find some tender areas that clearly needed releasing, sending me into a profound state of relaxation. Last week I had my first period after months without and I can only think that this has come about through Thea’s massages; a sure sign that balance and health is gradually beginning to return.

"I’ve had different types of massage in the past and seen several different massage therapists before moving to Bristol but I can honestly say that Thea has a truly rare and special gift with incredible intuition and a deep understanding of the interaction between physical and emotional health. I feel so fortunate to have found someone who is able to help me work through the tangle of dysfunction that is my body’s physical reaction to life."

ES, Physiotherapist