My Passion for Massage

Every day I feel very grateful that I am able to do work that I love, that I believe helps make people’s lives better and enables them to be the best they can be, at least in some physical aspect of their life. I am passionate about my work.

Now don’t get me wrong. The alarm clock in the morning is not always welcome, I don’t leap out of bed to greet each day with a spring in my step at the prospect of work, and the satisfaction of running my own business has provided me with different anxieties to that of working for an organization. But I truly love my work and believe I am very fortunate to have developed my business to allow me to work with such a wonderful base of clients.

Many readers will be aware that my work as both a massage therapist and ex-personal trainer is not what I left school to pursue. It has little to do with my university degree (a 2:1 in Journalism, Film & Broadcasting including modules in Horror, Shakespeare and Star Trek!) nor the subsequent ten years in the corporate world. However, when I was about 9 I really wanted to be a physiotherapist. So, perhaps I got there eventually!

I don’t take what I do for granted, but recently I watched a TED talk that really brought it home to me. Professor of Economics Larry Smith quite frankly rants about the excuses people make in their life about work in a talk titled “Why you will fail to have a great career”.

He refers a couple of times to Stephen J, or Steve Jobs, a couple of times, which led me to watch his Commencement Speech in 2005 to the graduates of Stanford and brought to mind Baz Luhrmann’s 90s hit “Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen”.

Whatever age you are, I hope that you have passion in your life. If not, remember what has made your heart sing in the past, what excites you, what your heart longs for. Not based around someone else, but you. I feel incredibly lucky to have built a career around my passions, which enables me to live a life I love … for now!

I’ve been watching quite a few TED talks recently so do take a look at the website to find out more.