Love Learning

I recently realized that for me, school had it all wrong. If they’d taught biology in relation to the human body, I’d have done the A-level. If they’d taught chemistry through nutrition and the chemical reactions within the body I’d have enjoyed it more. If they had taught physics in relation to motorbikes I might actually have listened! Learning is so much easier if you are actually interested in what you are learning and can see how you can apply it to your life … news flash – I needed trigonometry to hang a series of frames in a consistent pattern!

There was a time when I wore ‘smart’ clothes to work, sat at a desk and when the term Continued Professional Development (CPD) was mentioned I'd groan. Sitting in a stuffy room, watching powerpoint slides and if I was really unlucky having to take part in those ghastly ‘icebreakers’. On the plus side I was away from my work and email, and got to drink tea and eat biscuits all day long!!

There is no denying that I love the world I work in now, after all you don’t spend a year of your life and a significant amount of money retraining to do something that you aren’t interested in. But what has really surprised me is how much I want to keep learning, keep building my skill base and my practice to help be the best that I can be at what I do.

CPD is a bore if you aren’t really engaged in the profession you are working in, but when you are passionate about what you do, it’s a joy. A few months ago I got up to get a 6:30am train to a conference in London on a Saturday, and I recently found myself waking up at 7am on a Sunday morning to attend the second day of a course, throughout which I was working through the coffee breaks and reading up at lunchtime!

There is something really quite magical about attending a course, a concept being talked about, a client coming to mind and my brain exploding … that “ah ha” moment of inspiration. It’s quite addictive! Having the wonderfully diverse client base I am blessed with, also means that so much of what I learn is applicable to so many of you!

Some courses and workshops are instantly applicable into my work, whilst others will introduce theories, techniques and concepts that will slowly filter into my practice, perhaps even over years. Some CPD will require my attendance and attention while others will demand case studies, essays and further ‘practice’. Occasionally one will just not suit me and that’s equally valuable to know.

Partly as a record for me, and partly for those who might be interested, I’ve recently added information about my Continued Learning which I will keep updated. Additionally, my book shelf is ever expanding with text books, journals and magazines, and I am not averse to lending them out so if you are interested in a particular topic, do let me know. I might even add a list for easy perusal!

I guess it all comes back to the image I see every morning

Live the Life you Love