How Long an Appointment Should I Book?

Although most clients will book in for a one hour appointment, we do offer a variety of durations. We have clients who regularly book 90 minute or even 2 hour appointments, and others who pop by for a quick 30 minute top up to keep them on track. Whatever your preference, you are not alone.

Your first appointment

Each client is asked to complete a New Client Consultation Form prior to their first appointment with Bristol Massage Therapy, which will be automatically emailed to you once you make your first appointment booking. Please print off a copy and take your time in completing it - if you don't have the chance, don't worry. We have spare copies at our practice.

Various appointment lengths

Bristol Massage Therapy typically offer four lengths of appointment:

  • 30 mins - AKA 'The Quick Fix'
  • 60 mins - AKA 'The Standard'
  • 90 mins - AKA '50% Longer, a Whole Lot Better'
  • 120 mins - AKA 'Total Sanctuary'

During the first three months of 2015, the 60 minute appointment accounted for just over 70% of the total number of appointments. To put this into context, 11% of appointments were pregnancy related and 9% were 90 minute appointments. So if you aren't sure whether to upgrade your next appointment or not, just remember, you aren't alone!