Welcoming John Rooney

As I mentioned in our latest newsletter, John Rooney is one of two Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist to recently join our team.

At the start of April, we welcomed Mike Anderson onto the team, and as we move towards the middle of the month, John Rooney also joins us.

John is a keen runner. Now when I say keen, I’m talking a humble, highly talented, fast (2:45 and 4th place at the inaugural Bristol/Bath marathon) and capable runner who doesn’t see running the London Marathon on the Sunday and working the next day as being a problem. He’s a ‘proper’ runner … which led to his interest in massage. That and the fact that at the same time as John was completing the SRM course, his wife Charlotte was completing the Holistic Massage course … childcare for their two children must have been interesting that year! John is leaving his role as a Planning Officer with the Council to join our team on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and occasional Saturdays, along side his private planning work.

As with any of the Bristol Massage Therapy team, you can book your next appointment online. So don't take my word for it that he's good, book in and see for yourself.