A Very Special Pregnancy Massage

The team here at Bristol Massage Therapy currently have two massage practitioners who specialise in Pregnancy Massage, but occasionally we get to do a very special type of pregnancy massage appointment - working with one of our team. 

Zoe is very near the end of her pregnancy now, and both Thea & I have been working with her on and off for months. It is a real joy and privilege to work with someone we are so fond of. But she is now not the only team member needing this massage option … because Thea is pregnant and is due towards the end of May!


The plan is that she will continue working until around Easter before leaving for maternity leave, but will be slightly reducing her hours again from the start of March. So, if you would like to experience Thea’s beautiful work, whether that be for massage therapy or pregnancy massage, please sure you to book your appointment(s) soon!

Oh and if you might be needing a pregnancy massage after Thea is on maternity leave, fret not. We have recently invited applications from massage therapists with further interest and skills in pregnancy massage to join our team. So changes to our team will not dramatically impact the needs or desires of our clients.