Time Flies

On 15th September, Bristol Massage Therapy opened the doors on the first permanent home. In the six months since this happened, I've seen almost 200 clients, sold 25 gift vouchers and given more than 500 hours of massage. Typically, 75% of these are one hour appointments, although almost 10% are 90 minute appointments.

Don't forget that during this time I have also been undertaking pregnancy case study massages, written what I believe to be a kick-ass written assignment for the course, sent out 4 newsletters, and penned 7 articles. By the way, once my assignment is marked I will be turning it into an article (or a couple) for those who are interested, can't have all that hard work and research going to waste now!

Personal Space

One of the things that I have most enjoyed about having a permanent base, is that I no longer feel transient. I started Bristol Massage Therapy offering mobile massage to clients in their own home, and was thrilled when I had an established enough practice to rent a room by the hour on an ad hoc basis. However, swapping rooms, different venues on different days, remembering all my washing, any books I was lending to clients ... well, quite frankly its lucky I can be so organised!

But this ... having a room of my own ... means I can do things my way.

I work very hard to ensure that my massage techniques, skills and knowledge will ensure that each client receives excellence, but for me, the little things are as important as the big things. The heated towels, the mints, being able to lend out books to clients, having clients request information that leads me to write more articles. For me, Bristol Massage Therapy is about being able to provide an excellent quality of service that is more than just the massage. For me, having a personal space in which to deliver this has been a turning point.

So thank you to all my clients who followed me after my move into 77a Queens Road, and thank you to all my clients who have found me since. As a result of working with each and every one of you, I feel confident and excited about the future of Bristol Massage Therapy, and the opportunity to continue to develop the standards of excellence I now seek to provide.