Time For Change

I’m starting to notice I make most changes in my life as summer turns to autumn, as I start to reflect on where I am, what’s been happening during the year, and gather my thoughts in time for the hibernation and consolidation over winter.

In September 2010, I embarked on the start of an incredibly exciting time starting two courses simultaneously that would lead a rather dramatic career pivot - my year long holistic massage course and my 10 week personal training course. I now know that this gamble paid off, but at the time it was really quite nerve-wracking. I was one of the lucky ones on my PT course because just before Christmas I was offered a phenomenal opportunity to work as a personal trainer at David Lloyd here in Bristol, and so in the early new year of 2011 I moved down and started work.

Since these halcyon days of sweat, tears and desperately trying to remember the names of muscles, I have lived in trainers and tracksuit bottoms, and when it got too hot reverted to lycra! I’ve been honoured to work with some incredibly wonderful people, some inspiration souls, and have made a great number of friends. After two years at David Lloyd, I knew I wanted to spend more time massaging and less time personal training so another career pivot came as I left DL at the end of 2012. Having moved to Active8 Health & Fitness as both a personal trainer and massage therapist, I have been able to keep working with some clients and had the joy of being introduced to a few more just for good measure.

All of these changes have really helped me to get quicker at recognising when I need to change something in my life, and better at the actual process of change. Like making the most of the wonderful opportunity that came my way to establish my very own full time practice.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised then that this large amount of change has helped me to turn another corner in my career … because

It’s time to hang up my stopwatch.

OK so I haven’t used a stopwatch for a good long while now, but I have finally decided that my time as a personal trainer has come to an end. Which of course, in turn, means I’ve even more time to put towards my massage!

The difficulty I have with my work is that it enables me to work with truly wonderful people, so when I had a cold recently & knew working was not a good idea for either me or my clients, I felt worse about letting them down than I did about being ill … just after having been off on holiday for two weeks while I set up my new practice.

So I think that’ll be it for me and big news for a while, well, until I complete my case studies and assignments for my Pregnancy Massage course - which allows me to work throughout all three trimesters and into the post-natal period … what a privilege! More details to come.