Take It Easy

Change is incredibly exciting, and intoxicating, and I sometimes think it’s also contagious!

As some of you will know, Mike went to Australia for about 6 weeks over Christmas but what you may not know was that this trip was for his other half to go home to Sydney to see her family.

Yep, I’m afraid that the inevitable has come to pass, and it’s with huge excitement (and deep sadness) that I can announce Mike’s intention to leave Bristol Massage Therapy, and Bristol, and his family to emigrate to join her in establishing a new life in Australia. 

I fell in love with the country that is the home of the girl I fell in love with. It has everything we want to make our work / life balance complete and is somewhere we want to start a family.

You can’t argue with that! The trouble with encouraging people to follow their hearts and dreams is that sometimes they leave … but I would much rather build a team of passionate practitioners who take such risks. 

For now, it will be business as usual for Mike, both here with BMT but also with his work at Bristol Nordic Walking and his personal training business … in fact we might see a little more of him since he’ll be saving up for this new adventure. Please do make the most of having this wonderful practitioner at your finger tips. The thinking at the moment is that he will be with us until the end of March.

According to the source of all knowledge on the internet (that'll be Wikipedia!), "Take it easy" means "Goodbye & be careful" in 'Australian Slang'. Seems rather an appropriate farewell for our adventurer. Please join me in wishing Mike all the very best on this most amazing of adventures.