Stepping Away from the Table

Yep, it's with great excitement that Bristol Massage Therapy can confirm that another of our practitioners will shortly be stepping away from the massage table because they are pregnant!

Whilst we are sure that there is nothing in the water here, over the past 18 months we have waved 'au revoir' to Liz, Zoe & Thea. Now joining these ladies on maternity leave from the world of massage is ... Victoria. Although the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed my lack of availability for a while!

Mixed emotions

I am incredibly excited, as you'd expect. But I'm happy to be honest (as always!) and confess to being slightly nervous having accompanied so many ladies on their pregnancy journey over the past few years into their post-natal status, and hearing their tales. But its the good kind of nervous which will help me raise my game!

I am also incredibly sad to be stopping my hands-on massage work for the time being. I qualified 6 years ago this summer, and still feel incredibly lucky to have found 'work' that I love and a career which truly makes my soul sing.

So to each of you with whom I have worked, thank you for your part in that.

Swallowing my own advice

Several of my regular clients have commented (with relish!) that I am really doing well at taking my own advice. Because it turns out that I regularly say things like:

Listen to your body.

Unfortunately, from very early on, it became evident that massage and my back were no longer getting along, and therefore my planned finish date was hastily moved forwards, and I'm afraid that my diary is now closed until further notice :-(

Business as usual

I anticipate returning to the table at some point next year, & will keep you posted. But since expanding Bristol Massage Therapy a few years ago, I have worked very hard to build an incredibly skilled and intuitive team in whose very capable hands I have no qualms in leaving you all ... for now!

Never one to rest on my laurels, I'm still going to be around and about, writing (getting that mojo back up and running!) and working ON the business. I am planning to review what we have and what we offer, and look at what improvements we can make - across the board! I may be cheeky and ask for some input from one or two of you, but unsolicited feedback is always welcome!