Pregnancy Massage Update

For those massage therapists who are really passionate about their work, there’s something quite magical about our profession - it doesn’t matter how good you are, how much you know, what you specialise in, there is always more to learn! To date, I have undertaken a further qualification in Pregnancy Massage, and am now (very slowly) working on my Deep Massage qualification - but more on that in the future.

In the very near future, Thea will be going on maternity leave which was going to leave the BMT team a little short handed on the Pregnancy Massage front, particularly since my own diary is typically booking about 2-4 weeks in advance at any one time. Thea’s plans, along with already having waved goodbye to Zoe ahead of her baby’s arrival early last month, was in large part what led me to seek to expand the team. 

Whilst I was hoping to find a massage therapist who already held a further Pregnancy Massage qualification, it was more important to me to find the right people to join the BMT team, and then deal with the logistical issues (if any) that they brought. I’m thrilled to announce I think I’ve done one better!

Annie Johansen joined the team in early March, and at the end of the month she will be undertaking the Massage & Pregnancy Diploma with Well Mother that both myself and Thea have completed previously, and which is quite frankly the global gold standard of pregnancy massage courses. 

This is the core training course for massage therapists wishing to specialise in pregnancy massage and be able to work confidently during all three trimesters as well as being able to work with the “higher risk” client (eg clients suffering from pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes etc) … After receiving the diploma students can feel confident that they have one of the most rigorous pregnancy massage qualifications in the world.
— Well Mother website

What’s a girl gotta do?

Having undertaken the course myself, and subsequently supported Thea through her qualification, I know that at the start of April Annie will be looking for a small number of women who are pregnant and who are willing to be case studies for her. The details will be clarified in early April (just in case the requirements have changed!) but in principle each case study will commit to at least 4 massage appointments with Annie, of approximately 60-90 minutes duration over the course of a couple of months. She will also need to complete one massage in the first trimester (yes it’s safe … read this), one post natal massage, and one pregnancy massage lesson with a birthing partner. There will be a fee for these appointments, but they will not be charged at the full BMT rate because you are helping Annie complete her continued learning! 


So, if you are interested, or know someone who might be, please email Annie directly to introduce yourself, and she’ll pop you on a list, and send you further details after her course.

Further research

Oh, and if you have something pregnancy and massage related that you’re dying to know, do let Annie know as it’ll be great for her research and might even lead to the topic of her written project … which I’m hoping we can turn into a few articles for your interest and pleasure. For your info, I wrote about massage and fathers-to-be, whilst Thea investigated the importance of sleep and how pregnancy affects this through the different trimesters.