NHS Discount

Quite a few of you are now aware that recently we had some interaction with the NHS after my other half and his motorbike parted company at not inconsiderable speed. He’s ok, healing nicely and nearly off all painkillers. Until this incident, which caused me to pause and consider the boundaries of massage with the medical world, my recent experience with the medical profession had been just that - professional.

This was personal. This was my boy. He may be a stubborn patient who insisted on going into work after visiting the fracture clinic to be told he needed an op, who took his laptop to the hospital thinking he was going to be able to work ‘around’ his operation, but he is precious.

The care that he received during that first week post-accident was phenomenal. Most notable for me was the stand out work of one particular member of staff who put up with his sense of humour, laughed at his jokes, kept me informed of what was going on, and colluded with him in his attempt to wind me up after his surgery. She was fantastic. She was there when we arrived at 7:30am, smiling, welcoming, reassuring. She helped us to leave, wheeling him to the exit, waiting with him til I arrived with the car, waved us off (pleased to see us go?!), but was going back to continue her incredibly long day.

She is one lady, a mother of two, hard working, long days, a caring generous soul who was keeping her sense of humour and pride in her work despite … well, despite what we read is going on in the NHS. She was discreet when I pestered her on her thoughts about the new Southmead hospital, discreet but honest about the hours, the work, the renumeration. I was curious, interested then intrigued. She is passionate about her work, clearly loves her job, but I had the sense that by continuing to work in that role it may be costing her something. I hope that it isn’t too much, I hope that she continues to be the wonderful, hard working, caring soul we met. I don’t know how long I’d be able to do it.

She got me thinking. Then I talked to Zoe, another practitioner at Bristol Massage Therapy and registered dietitian. She recently left her much loved role as a paediatric dietitian to join us, after 11 years in the NHS. Again, she was loyal, discreet, but she’d left. It wasn’t just to enable massage to take a greater role in her life, it was also to move from the NHS environment.

That’s the long story … … now for the short version.

I’ve seen the light. Bristol Massage Therapy will now be offering all staff working in the NHS a 10% discount off all appointments. So if you are a member of NHS staff, please accept my apologies for not introducing this sooner, but do bring your NHS swipe card with you to your next appointment and let your practitioner know. We will apply the discount and update your records so that moving forward we know to apply the discount to each appointment.

Please, if you do leave your NHS role, let us know.

No, you will not be required to show your swipe card at each appointment, and yes, you will still earn reward stamps at the same rate. The discount is our tiny way of saying ‘thank you’.