Lending Library Expansion

As a child, I really hated reading and writing, which is perhaps why the diagnosis of dyslexia whilst I was at university wasn’t a surprise. However, what is the greatest surprise of all is the ferocity with which I love reading and writing now. Particularly if it's to do with the body, the mind, the wonder of what it is to be human.

I have a small problem with buying books faster than I can read them, which is why a few years ago I instigated the BMT ‘Lending Library’.

In addition to books on things like fibromyalgia, hyper mobility syndrome, different forms of bodywork, and some pop-psychology, a few recent additions which may or may not be of interest to you include:

These books include a not unsubstantial stack which I have had at home waiting to read ... but I've realised that they would do more good being available to borrow now. I'll get to them in time!

We do still have a couple of outstanding loans ... so if you have had one of our books for a while, please could you return it at your earliest convenience. Many thanks!