John’s Planning Ahead

Last year, John took the plunge and left his local government Planning Officer role of more than a decade to pursue a split career between massage and private planning consultancy, and he got a personal best time in the London Marathon. Obviously there were many many more aspects to the 12 months of 2016 for John, but these three stood out and have established the foundations for his 2017 plans.

John’s been doing such a great job with his private planning work that he’s been offered an amazing opportunity and was offered first refusal on a part time permanent job with the consultancy firm he’s been freelancing for. Unfortunately for us, the offer did involve a slight increase in his planning hours and this means that he would only have one day per week available for massage, which needed to fit around the school run. “With a slightly heavy heart I’ve taken it … really enjoyed my time at BMT and shall miss the place. It has been a brilliant experience and it's a shame it can't continue."

John’s a great chap who has brought an incredible amount of enthusiasm and expertise to the team, particularly when it comes to all things running, and we will be sad to see him go. However, his exceptional talent in trainers will mean that we will still see him around … even if only as a flash as he passes us in his push towards the finish line.

His last day with us will be Friday 20th January, so if you would like to make the most of this chaps knowledge, do book in.