Happy Birthday BMT

Well I must have been having a whale of a time because I have suddenly realised that two years ago today I opened the door to welcome clients at 77a Queen's Road for the first time. So, in a way, it's time to say Happy Birthday BMT!

A lot has changed in 24 months - there now have three rooms (with the added increase of stairs), there is now a 'we' rather than just 'me', as I'm now surrounded with a team of exceptional massage therapists whom it is my privilege to work with. Together we offer sports & remedial massage therapy as well as pregnancy massage appointments in addition to our bread and butter, massage therapy.

We have tweaked our offering of appointment lengths a few times, but on average over the past year, 60-65% of all appointments are one hour massage therapy appointments. Over the past two years, we have completed more than 2,500 appointments, and looking a little more at the data I realised (with curiosity) that in that first year alone I completed more than 1,000 hours of massage!

Bristol Massage Therapy has grown greatly beyond the first day dreams of a newly qualified massage therapist more than five years ago. I am still working with some of my earliest clients, and yesterday was liaising with a client for her traditional birthday massage.

This; just this; these relationships; these connections. This is a huge part of what I love about being a massage therapist. Yes, I am now running a business and supporting other practitioners fulfil their career passion, but I cannot see a time when I will stop loving the work itself, loving my clients, and loving massage.

So today, it's a Happy Birthday message to Bristol Massage Therapy itself. Thank you to all our wonderful clients who have supported myself, this business and now the glorious team we have. We look forward to completing many many more hours of massage over the next 12 months!