Gift Vouchers - Temporary Changes

There are many aspects I love about what Bristol Massage Therapy are able to offer to our clients, one of which is looking after those lucky individuals whose loved ones have selected us to take care of them and bought them a Gift Voucher.

Last December, we introduced a new option to our Gift Voucher offering - beautifully designed, printed vouchers which can be posted out to either the purchaser or directly to the recipient. I had been wanting to produce these for quite some time, but waited until I was 100% happy with the design and new that we had the capacity to fulfil any and all orders in a timely manner.

Pressing Pause

The problem with these beautiful hard copy vouchers is that someone needs to physically fill the voucher in and post it. Which leads to a slight problem considering I'm about to take a few weeks off and camp around Europe.

So, I'm afraid that from the end of Friday 14th July I will temporarily be switching off the ability to buy Bristol Massage Therapy Gift Vouchers which can be sent by post. If you have a burning desire to give one of these beauties to a loved one before mid-August, may I suggest that you do so before the end of Friday ... 

... then drop me an email explaining when the voucher is actually for and I will extend the expiry date slightly if needed.

In the Meantime

Another option is available ... and personally I think it's a brilliant option, particularly for last minute purchases.

Our established, tried and tested means of Gift Voucher delivery is actually a really funky software provider called Gift Up! which enables you to personalise your voucher, and it is sent directly to you or the lucky recipient immediately. So, if you have missed the deadline of Friday 14th July, or you prefer the simplicity of our technological approach, you can still treat someone to the Bristol Massage Therapy care and attention with ...

Fear not, I will make the printable vouchers available again on my return!