Ellie's Family Expansion

The Bristol Massage Therapy team seems to have reached a lovely number, but our family keeps expanding. This time I’m thrilled to be able to announce that towards the end of July, Ellie safely delivered a happy and healthy little girl, whom they have called Elsie.

Ellie kept working right up until the beginning of June when she took a few weeks off to finish her revision ahead of her 1st year Nutritional Therapy exams - which I can confirm she passed with flying colours too! - before settling down to nest and await her little girl!

Obviously, it’s only been a short while since she met her daughter, but already Ellie is thinking about returning to the table this Autumn. In fact, she will be working on Saturday mornings from 20th October … so if you are chomping at the bit to see Ellie again, you are now able to book in with her online!

Thank you to all our clients who have been asking and sending their best wishes over recent weeks.