Christmas Gift Vouchers for Massage

I don't know about you, but unless I know that something is EXACTLY what they are after, I'd much rather give them something that they will enjoy and remember rather than something that will clutter up their home. I guess it is a sign of my age, but I find thinking about gifting my loved ones experiences and / or time so much more fulfilling than another sweater, pair of socks or the latest gadget.

If you are hoping that Father Christmas (or anyone nearer and dearer!) might treat you to a massage with the Bristol Massage Therapy team, we have two wonderful options for them to use which are both incredibly quick and simple to organise.

Printed Gift Vouchers

Printed Gift Voucher.jpeg

Our beautifully printed gift vouchers can be posted either to the purchaser or to the lucky recipient, but please do remind the Elves that with Royal Mail last posting date for First Class as Thursday 21st December, we are respectfully requesting that orders for these are placed by the end of play on Wednesday 20th December … to guarantee that I make it to the post box in time.

Email Gift Certificate

Email Gift Certificate.jpg

Our technical wizard has had a field day this year and our elegant email-able voucher solution is ready to use at any time … and with scheduled delivery also being an option, vouchers can be purchased in advance for delivery on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or at the end of the big day as a thank you to your Bristol-based host for all their hard work!

If they aren't sure how to organise these, then send them to our website or ask them to email me and I'll happily point them in the right direction.