Beautiful Massage Gift Vouchers

For more than a year, we have had a really great system for the purchasing of massage gift vouchers for Bristol Massage Therapy.

Before the system upgrade, we did offer gift vouchers but there was usually an email exchange of four or five emails (sometimes even more), before I was able to email the personalised PDF voucher out to the giver along with an invoice.

Last year’s magic automated this system, saving everyone involved the back and forth with emails and the delay that this caused to receiving the same personalised PDF gift voucher. Even better yet, it became possible to securely pay online using a credit or debit card.

I love this new system, every one who uses it is happy with what it provides - quick and easy access to massage vouchers which gift the care and attention provided by our team here at Bristol Massage Therapy. But I knew that it could be improved.

Further upgrades

At the start of this year, I contacted all those wonderful people who had decided to buy a voucher before Christmas last year to ask them a few question about our offering and how we might improve it. I’ll be honest, I had an agenda but it worked!

Having been hugely efficient in collecting the responses I then parked it and after a little last minute panic, they’re here … our brand new, printed massage Gift Vouchers!

For now, it will only be possible to purchase one of these beautiful vouchers in person, at no extra cost. You could also pay for these using Bristol Pounds, which we continue to accept. Please don’t worry if BMT voucher was on your Christmas wish list, Father Christmas and everyone else who isn’t within reach of 77a Queens Road will still be able to use our fantastic on-line system to arrange a PDF delivery.

I will tie my technical monkey to a tree at some point next year to bring the new printed Gift Vouchers into our online purchasing offering, complete with posting out to either the purchaser or the recipient, but in the spirit of keeping things simple they will be only available to buy in person for now. I’d prefer to wait and make sure we have a fully tested, disaster proof offering, rather than to rush something out and risk letting our clients down.