Meet Victoria Armstrong

Victoria is an excellent massage therapist, easy going, and intuitive in her approach, which I have found very beneficial to my body’s well being and overall health. Having had disappointing experiences with physiotherapy and massage therapy in the past, it’s good to have met someone who is understanding and helpful in treating the long standing physical problems I have.
— JW

ABout me

We all have the potential to be great in ourselves and in our life, but many of us do not live up to our potential, or even believe we can be that good, for so very many reasons. I know this to be true because for many years I was not aware of how unhappy or unhealthy I was.

In my 20s, I was unrecognisable - overweight, neglecting my body, I had a bad back, PMT, raging period pains, gastroenteritis and irritable bowel syndrome, all the while tied to the corporate desk job I thought was the best career I could get. I knew I was unhappy, but on reflection I was depleted and miserable. Several instances of sudden fainting made me start looking at my life and forced me to start doing something very alien: looking after myself.

I decided to be proactive, developed a support network and started to receive regular massage as part of my new self-care regime. By getting back in touch with my body, I was able to listen to my body and my heart. I realised that I needed to make some more changes, life changes, from which I've not looked back.

A little part of one dies when not living and feeling your passion. Live it. Feel it. ~ Stephan Covey

I love this quote - I have been so lucky and worked so hard to retrain and qualify as a massage therapist, to develop Bristol Massage Therapy and am privileged that I can honestly say I have a life that I am passionate about and is filled with passions. When I'm not massaging or working on the business, I used to be found perhaps riding my motorbike or nipping away for unplanned breaks, but this is currently on hold after the birth of my son. I do hope to return to both these pursuits, the latter with my new sidekick in tow!

Your touch is very healing and I loved the way you approached my body so sensitively – encouraging the muscles to relax … and helped me to remember that when I relax down into my body I feel soothed in body, mind and spirit … I can feel your passion for massage and what I love is you’re able to tune into a person – as to what they need
— VT


  • Holistic Massage Diploma - Massage Training Institute (MTI) Level 4 Diploma through Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork (BCMB)
  • Massage & Pregnancy Diploma - Association of Physical & Natural Therapists (APNT) through Well Mother
  • I am also a qualified Personal Trainer, with further training in pre & post natal training, although I no longer offer personal training services.

Continued professional development

Prior to going on maternity leave, I regularly attended conferences and workshops to extend my skills and experience, and to investigate other bodywork disciplines which might be of further interest or benefit to me and my clients. Some of these have included:

  • Advanced Workshops & Seminars
    • Beyond Trauma & Treating the Impact of Trauma
    • Releasing the Neck
    • Massage for People with Cancer
  • Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method - I have completed both DM1 and DM2
  • Introductory Workshops
    • Principles of Remedial and Sports Massage – introductory
    • Indian Head Massage – introductory
    • Gokhale Method
  • General bodywork
    • Zero Balancing - Core ZB 1 & 2
    • Anatomy Trains 1
    • Reiki - First Degree

I also attended monthly massage supervision sessions with several other practitioners (including a number of tutors), and have attended the annual MTI InTouch Conference since 2013. Now that I am returning to the table, I will be picking this up again and am very excited to be stepping back into the massage community.

I am a member of the Massage Training Institute (MTI) and am a CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) Registered Massage Therapist.

Victoria is a highly dedicated professional and I find her service to be outstanding. I have seen sports massage therapy for several years both here and abroad, and I find Victoria’s attention to detail, skill and experience to be second to none.
— DH

Articles written by me

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