Meet Thea Willcocks

Thea has a truly rare and special gift with incredible intuition and a deep understanding of the interaction between physical and emotional health.
— ES, Physiotherapist

About Me

TOUCH is one of the earliest senses that we develop in the womb, how we receive this gift is shaped by how it manifests throughout our daily lives. I believe it is one of the most powerful tools for transformation and change, defining both how we encounter others and also how we perceive our sense of self.

Listening touch that feels safe and responds to the nuances of muscle, fascia, energy and bone, can create a space for the body to process its ongoing relationship with the world. The whole body, mind and matter, responds to the influence of touch throughout its many layers. Creating from within the possibility for new patterns, associations and pathways to emerge. I believe our body reveals to us our physical and emotional well-being. It is like a map marked with the places we have been and the situations we have encountered. It is also the source of our creativity and the tool with which we have to review, reimagine and rewrite both our physical and emotional landscape.

My work as a massage therapist is strongly influenced by a deep interest in this relationship between the emotional and physical and how we shape our world view through the body. I work in a fluid and responsive way using a variety of techniques including Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Feed-back or Trigger Point Release, Vibration and Mobilisation. So far in my career as a massage therapist I have been influenced by the work and writings of Darien Pritchard (Rhythm Mobility), David Lauterstein (Deep Massage), Tom Myers and James Earle (Anatomy Trains), John Hamwee (Zero Balancing), Bessel Van Der Kolk (The Body Keeps the Score). I also have an intense interest in the history of Massage and its tradition in different cultures.

Touch is a fundamental form of communication in the natural world, for me massage truly is a dialogue. I work in a holistic way, responding to the clients needs on the day. Consequently, I will always seek verbal or physical feed back to make sure the work feels appropriate, relevant and useful to you. I work with a gentle gradual pressure, building up slowly to deeper release. My intention is to aid, without force, profound relief from emotional or physical tension, creating a safe space for the body to shift from one state of being to another. Whether you book in for one session every now and again or incorporate massage as a regular aspect of your life, I hope to create a treatment that will compliment and support you wherever you are in your life.

Working with Thea is a wonderful experience. She works in a way which is very attuned to her client and she offers a holistic experience In a peaceful setting. I leave all my massages with Thea feeling very relaxed and refreshed.
— HM, Visual Merchandiser


  • Holistic Massage Diploma - Massage Training Institute (MTI) Level 4 Diploma through Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork (BCMB)
  • Massage & Pregnancy Diploma - Association of Physical & Natural Therapists (APNT) through Well Mother

I have a BA in Fine Art, Newcastle University and an MA in Theatre: the visual language of performance, UAL and I continue to develop my art practice alongside massage. I also partake in the regular practice of yoga, and attend Somatic movement classes including Feldenkrais. I have an interest in Tai Chi, Zen Calligraphy and Contemporary dance, all of which feeds into my massage work.

Continued Professional Development

As part of my CPD, I attend monthly massage supervision sessions with several other massage therapists. Additionally, I occasionally attend courses, and have recently attended:

  • MTI InTouch 2016, ‘Self-care for Practitioners’ – attended the conference
  • Myofascial Release for Headaches – advanced workshop at MTI InTouch 2016
  • Hands Free Massage – advanced workshop at MTI InTouch 2016
  • Re-connections Somatic Movement Festival classes, Bristol
  • Reflexology for Massage Therapists with Yvonne Cattermole
  • Introduction to Pregnancy Massage with Heidi Armstrong
  • Rhythm Mobility with Darien Pritchard – advanced workshop
  • Effortless Massage with Sarah Hoare – advanced workshop

I am a member of the Massage Training Institute (MTI) and am a CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) Registered Massage Therapist.

Thea’s massage was very special, she has a delicate and gentle approach that is very intuitive but also strong and grounding.
— KC, Florist

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