Meet Tamara Wright


About Me

I firmly believe that massage therapy is for everyone. Whether it’s management of chronic conditions, rehab from injury, increasing range-of-motion, maintenance, easing muscle tension, de-stressing, getting to the bottom of niggly aches and pains that just won’t go away, or optimizing your well-being, massage can have an important part to play. Not only may it improve a whole host of symptoms and complaints, it may also be protective against their onset and it will almost always help you feel amazing.

My journey as a therapist began in 2014 when my interest in the human body was sparked by an introduction course with the New Zealand College of Massage. Although it was the biomechanics, complexity, and interplay between the body, the mind, the emotions, and the environment that got me initially it was the influence that massage could have on a person as a whole that compelled me to go on and complete a Bachelor of Health Studies - Neuromuscular Therapy in 2018. Throughout my studies and in professional practice I have helped a range of people towards achieving their individual goals, from professional athletes to pregnant mums to those managing chronic pain / injuries / conditions.

One of the most important aspects of effective massage therapy is its individualisation to a person’s specific requirements and preferences. Therefore, a good session relies on good communication and the pressure and techniques I use will depend entirely on your priorities and feedback. Techniques may include general relaxation strokes, deep tissue, myofascial release, muscle energy technique, low-amplitude joint mobilisation, compression, or Casley Smith lymphatic drainage. Dependent on your needs, a treatment plan may be contained to one session, involve several consecutive sessions, and include selfcare recommendations such as targeted exercise, stretches, and stress reduction. Regardless of how it’s designed, each treatment plan will be designed to place you in control of your situation and to be the best version of yourself!

As it is only possible to provide care for others if you take care of yourself I enjoy regular massage treatments along with yoga, dance, cycling, and anything else that gets me outdoors and moving.


  • Bachelor of Health Studies - Neuromuscular Therapy (Level 7) - New Zealand College of Massage



  • The following modules were undertaken as part of my Bachelor of Health Studies:

    • Advanced Relaxation Massage Techniques

    • Deep Tissue Massage

    • Sports Massage

    • Pregnancy Massage

    • Oncology Massage

    • Lymphatic Drainage (Casley-Smith method)

    • Clinical Therapeutic Massage

    • Soft Tissue Therapy

    • Neuromuscular Therapy