Meet Julie Lewis

After every massage with Julie I can honestly say I feel like a different person – renewed, relaxed and very appreciative of what she does.
— MH

About Me

Massage is a simple premise – the benefits and therapy of skin to skin contact and touch date back thousands of years while there’s a reason why ‘rubbing it better’ is an instinctive first step to comfort and healing. Since graduating in Holistic Massage from Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in December 2014, I’ve discovered just how this wonderful, effectual, natural therapy can restore balance within the body by addressing not just physical issues and symptoms but by considering emotional and mental wellbeing; it can free the body from stress, tension and injury while calming and balancing the mind to extend beyond what the body requires physically. The association between skin and brain is indisputable and massage is a perfect conduit.

The skin is no more separated from the brain than the surface of a lake is separate from its depths - to touch the surface is to stir the depths ~ Job’s Body by Dean Juban (1987)

By offering treatments and strategies guided by principles of sensitivity, awareness and quality of touch and through a variety of skills from subtle energy work to deep tissue massage, mobilisation and stretching to gentle holds and more, I work with each person to ensure that their specific needs are met. I also aspire to deliver nurturing and restorative therapy through reassuring touch, targeted and effective bodywork and a natural, empathetic manner – helping each client to engage with and better understand their body through space and calm.

I’m constantly inspired by how this hands-on therapy can have an effect in positive ways with results that are tangible through the body and noticeable in posture and mood – and how it can help people to feel better in themselves and about themselves.

Caring, gentle, receptive and calming. Julie’s responsiveness to what I needed was reassuring and I left feeling back in my body – and very grateful!
— EM


  • Holistic Massage Diploma - Massage Training Institute (MTI) Level 4 Diploma through Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork (BCMB)



  • Seated Massage Workshop

  • Hands-Free Massage Workshop

  • Reflexology Workshop

  • Massage and Pregnancy Workshop

  • Working with New Mothers and those with Post-Natal Depression

  • Acupressure for Facial Therapy Workshop

  • Ongoing professional supervision

Had an excellent session with Julie. She took the time to understand my needs beforehand and delivered one of the best massages I’ve had. Would recommend!
— AF