Meet Indre Cepliauskaite

Indre’s healing hands always leaves my soul feeling healed and warm after a massage. Her ability to connect with you and understand what you need is just a little piece of magic.
— EB

About Me

My first encounter with massage was in India, where I was studying Ayurvedic Therapy (Āyurveda from the Sanskrit, meaning "knowledge of life"). I lived and studied in an Ayurvedic Hospital located in a small village in Kerala, where I personally experienced the benefits of massage.

After completing this course, I felt highly motivated to deepen and broaden my knowledge as a massage therapist. This prompted me to move to Bristol and undertake a Holistic Massage Diploma. I am extremely grateful for the experience and knowledge I gained during the course, and now find being a massage therapist something that I am truly passionate about, and is enormously rewarding. I enjoy working with people, guiding them towards self-care and promoting physical and emotional well-being.

I love massage and I am committed to working on my professional as well as personal development, in order to be more present and grounded during the sessions; to be guided by the principles of knowledge, sensitivity, awareness and professionalism; and to deliver the best service to my clients.

I have recently attended the Well Mother Pregnancy Massage course, and am now completing my case studies and dissertation ahead of receiving the full Massage & Pregnancy Diploma qualification.

One of the best massages I’ve had ... very fluent, flowing and intuitive in a most positive way. A real sense of commitment and care.
— RA


  • Holistic Massage Diploma - Massage Training Institute (MTI) Level 4 Diploma through Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork (BCMB)
  • Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Therapist Course, Ayurveda Training Centre, India
  • Currently completing case studies and dissertation for
    Massage & Pregnancy Diploma - Association of Physical & Natural Therapists (APNT) through Well Mother

I received my first massage in years from Indre and it was an absolutely wonderful experience – I cannot recommend her enough. She made me feel comfortable from the very start with her empathic and professional approach, listening to my needs and creating a safe and relaxing atmosphere.
— PL