Meet Ellie Rhodes

Really fantastic deep tissue massage from Ellie. Lovely therapist who took the time to listen to my problem areas and work on those. Very strong massage which was great for me as often i come away disappointed because the pressure was too soft. Felt that Ellie really tailored things to suit my needs ... Booked my second appointment straight away.
— SL

About Me

I have always been active and enjoyed partaking in various sports and keeping fit. However unfortunately I have had the misfortune of experiencing injuries and having to go through the tedious, monotonous process of rehabilitation. So understand your frustrations when you're not quite firing on all cylinders. 

I am a qualified Personal trainer and which helps when it comes to rehabilitation and providing advice on what type of exercise your body needs in order for you to get back to your old self again. 

Sports massage is a field I feel very passionate about, having qualified back in 2006, I have treated many sporting and non sporting injuries over the years and have seen the improvements and confidence that it has installed back into peoples lives.

Its possible to pick up injuries by simply reaching to a high cupboard or sitting awkwardly for a long period of time, massage can assist in ironing out those tensions. I use various techniques such as trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques. I believe in addressing each individuals pain and looking into what the cause maybe, in order to prevent further occurrence. 

Today I like to practice yoga, I cycle and I like to receive massage as often as I possibly can.

Ellie is great ... once you find a good massage therapist who understands your injuries, you don’t want to let them go
— Lisa


  • ActiveIQ Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

  • Premier Global Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Boxing & Combat Instructor

I had a great Sports Massage with Ellie. I felt really comfortable with her, she was friendly and professional. Started with going through my form highlighting my weekly activities and my problem areas. The massage itself was great, just the right amount of ouch expected from a good sports massage! Couldn’t recommend Bristol Massage Therapy enough, great location too, tucked away on the triangle, great size room which was lovely and warm and bright.
— NK
Really fantastic deep tissue massage from Ellie. Lovely therapist who took the time to listen to my problem areas and work on those.
— SL
Great sports massage with Ellie. Perfect balance of getting lots of work done without being super painful and I left feeling much lighter. She advised me on some stretches that I could do at home too.
— HS