Sports & Remedial Massage

Many people hold a misconception about ‘Sports Massage’: that it is for those who participate in sporting activities at a serious or professional level. This is just not true. Our team of sports massage therapists are trained in sports and remedial massage, and work with clients from all walks of life.

Whether you are suffering from a recent (or long term) injury associated with a specific hobby or activity, or have been experiencing long term back pain as a result of your posture or occupation, most ‘musculoskeletal’ issues arise as a result of one of the following:

  • postural compensations (we don’t like the words ‘poor posture’!)
  • an imbalance in body mechanics
  • stressful or challenging lifestyle and work patterns
  • loss of strength and flexibility

Each of these factors alone may have a major impact on your soft tissue (that’ll be muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia!), but may also affect the way your body functions when you move. It is not uncommon for an injury to arise as a result of one of the issues above, and that injury can provide the clues to trace back and identify a contributing cause. It is then possible for the therapist to help you to manage or resolve the issue, so that not only will your injury heal quickly, but the chances of it reoccurring are greatly reduced.

Benefits to your body

Sports massage practitioners who hold a level 5 qualification in sports and remedial massage (all of ours do) will use a variety of assessments, treatments and rehabilitation skills to work with you to address each of these issues and to enable and promote healthy functioning throughout your whole musculoskeletal system. Although sport can be a common factor with many clients, this is not always the primary issue to address. The advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology ensures that these practitioners are likely to give you homework – good after care guidance in the form of exercises and lifestyle advice. This isn’t just for fun or to show off their knowledge. It is to enable you to take an active role in your recovery and to prevent future problems from re-occurring.

Your First Appointment

We do offer the option of an initial 90 minute sports & remedial massage which includes a full postural and physical assessment. We highly recommend this initial appointment type if you are suffering with an injury or long term issue which may benefit from a whole body perspective.

Fabulous sports massage, Morganne really hit the spot. Highly recommended. If you have an ache or pain in your life, albiet depression, anxiety, stress, or muscle trigger points, book here … and chaps, she can do strong too! Awesome work
— PH