Pregnancy Massage

Pre & Post Natal, Trimesters 1 through 4 (yes really!)

Pregnancy is a very precious time in a woman’s life, but it can also be overwhelming and daunting, both physically and mentally. During this passage of time, pregnancy massage can provide physical comfort and relief, relaxation & reassurance. After all, your body is designed to adapt and thrive through pregnancy and into the post natal period.

Every pregnancy is different, every woman is different so rest assured that you will not be offered a ‘one size fits all’ pregnancy massage with Bristol Massage Therapy. No tables with holes cut out, you will be encouraged to lie on your side, supported with a range of pillows and cushions to enable to you be as comfortable as possible.

Benefits to your body

Every woman will experience each pregnancy differently, but there are common themes in pregnancy massage as you move through the different trimesters, each of which are discussed in a series of ‘typical trimester’ requirement articles:

We have several practitioners who have completed the highly reputable Well Mother Pregnancy & Massage Diploma course. This requires that over the course of six months, students undertake almost 30 hours of face-to-face on course learning & supervision, more than 60 hours of hands on work with case study clients and countless hours of additional reading and self-directed study. On top of this there is the dreaded dissertation ... 

Victoria chose to write about the role that massage can play in helping and supporting a father-to-be, with a particular focus on helping him develop a bond with his baby. This work has been turned into a series of articles – & this written work earned her a distinction!

Thea knew that she wanted to write about “A Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy”, a topic which is currently being converted into a series of articles, and which helped contribute to her overall distinction.

For her project, Annie decided to design a leaflet about each of the four trimesters of pregnancy (including the post natal period) and the role that massage can play during each of these stages. We are hoping to develop this into an information resource for our clients in 2018. Annie's hard work earned her a Credit in both her practical exam and the project, but her Case Studies earned her a distinction!

Please note that at the moment both Victoria & Thea are themselves off on maternity leave, but will return to the table in due course!


My course of pre and post natal massage therapy with Victoria was absolutely fantastic. Victoria’s extremely in depth knowledge and passion for natal massage and guidance is so reassuring and her warm, supportive and positive approach to the sessions made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. It was such a lovely way for me to take some time out while I was generally still rushing around either working, then getting things ready for the baby and then eventually looking after my baby. The sessions encouraged me to take time to connect with my body and my baby which I probably wasn’t doing enough of on a day to day basis. And Post natally the massage was such a treat at such a busy and draining time, and it felt so good to be able to lie on my back and front again, and enjoy a deep tissue session. I was using new muscles – and probably incorrectly – to lift and feed my baby, so it really helped to get those new aches and pains treated. I couldn’t recommend working with Victoria before and after having a baby more highly, she is truly wonderful. So professional but also so lovely, a great support full of wisdom at a very new and overwhelming time for me.
— E Pugh
I’ve had two pregnant massages now and they are brilliant! They really help to counter the pain and discomfort I’m experiencing in my back! Victoria is lovely, very easy to chat to and her prices are incredibly reasonable.
— G Lui


Lessons for partners

As well as offering pregnancy massage appointments, we also organise pregnancy massage lessons for partners and birth partners to both new and existing clients. However the logistics for these do differ slightly:


PARTNER LESSONS For existing clients: 

Both Annie and Victoria offer our existing clients the opportunity to have a pregnancy massage lesson with their partner (and birth partner if they are different individuals). Over the course of 60 minutes, we will introduce to you some simple, memorable techniques to help easy the day to day discomforts of the mother-to-be, and which will come in useful when in labour itself.

The lesson will take place on a futon on the floor, because let’s face it very few couples happen to have a massage table lying around at home! For a more detailed account of what to expect, please do have a look at our blog post.

Please note that these pregnancy massage lesson appointments are not available to book online and can only be arranged directly with your practitioner, so that we can ensure the futon is available for you.



For those who have not had a pregnancy massage with Bristol Massage Therapy before, we are still happy to offer the massage lesson appointment, but the format is slightly different.

Because we haven’t previously had the opportunity to discuss it with you, we will use some of the additional time to discuss your pre natal medical history, your current pregnancy, and plans for your labour and birth in an unhurried way. There is certain information that we do need to discuss, and you will need to complete a pregnancy massage new client consultation form which will be emailed directly to you.

However, after we have got the chatting and paperwork out of the way, we will then move into the pregnancy massage lesson itself.

At the moment, it is only possible to arrange a ‘New Client’ pregnancy massage lesson with Annie. To do so, please email her directly or book online (please note that anything booked directly online might need tweaking slightly), again this is in part to make sure that the futon is available.