Our Lending Library


It all started when...

For several years we have been accumulating books on a variety of subjects that are strongly (or sometimes loosely) related to our work as massage therapists (and ex-personal trainers), the world of complementary and alternative medicine, and the amazingness that is the human body. Having devoured and discussed these books on many occasions we have found ourselves lending them out on fairly regular basis. So let’s make it formal … bring all these books together to develop the Bristol Massage Therapy lending library.

Some of these books are really anatomical, some a little way out and whacky, but have provided some interesting reading, additional knowledge or sparked stimulating conversation.

So, for your interest, pleasure and enjoyment welcome to the Bristol Massage Therapy Lending Library catalogue! (Some books are listed in more than one category.)


Returning books

We do kindly ask that you return all books or magazines within two months of borrowing (which lets face it should be more than enough time to read each one!). Unfortunately, if it isn’t returned, you will be gently reminded, asked to return it, and then if the ‘offending item’ is still outstanding, you will potentially be invoice for a replacement copy. Too many good books have gone missing in the past.