Since expanding Bristol Massage Therapy in 2015 and inviting a few select massage practitioners to join the team, it has been an honour to see it develop into a community of self-employed practitioners with a passion for massage, who work to encourage clients to engage with their bodies, whilst supporting and sharing best practice with each other.

We are massage therapists first and foremost, and the ethos behind BMT is to provide the team with the clients, so that each of us can concentrate on doing what we love to do - massage. Pure and simple.

What we offer

BMT provides massage therapists with the benefits of being self-employed (flexible scheduling, good hourly rate of income etc ...) along with an in-house support network of like-minded practitioners in a beautiful space, but crucially, without the hassle of also building and running a successful massage therapy practice which so often cause excellent practitioners to stop practising.

... to create a sense of belonging takes dedicated time and space to listen and to care for each other, whether we are talking about the extended family, a nuclear family, a couple or friends
— Isla Crawford
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We are constantly striving to offer our clients access to the best practitioners in Bristol, but working with a team of passionate practitioners, encouraging them to follow their hearts and dreams means that from time to time, plans change and team members move on. However, whether or not we appear to have capacity to add a new massage therapist to our team, we are always interested in hearing from practitioners who believe they may be a good fit.

What we look for

Whilst each massage therapist is different, the things that we know we value (in terms of qualifications and experience) are as follows:

  • Has a passion for massage and bodywork
  • Holds a massage qualification of at least Level 4
  • Have at least 6 months experience either within a graduate clinic setting or in professional practice
  • Is in on-going professional supervision
  • Regularly engages in massage and bodywork CPD
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
— Aristotle

Having said all that, there is an indefinable quality to each member of the team which, when added together, really does create something precious - both for each other and for our clients. 

Even if they aren't aware of it when they first approached to join the team, each BMT practitioner is extraordinary - exceptional in their own way - and part of what's on offer within Bristol Massage Therapy is the support to encourage them to develop both personally and professionally. We'd rather take risks - and fail - in the continuing pursuit of excellence than always play it safe.

Want to talk?

Whether we have any capacity within our team or not, we will always welcome interest from massage therapists who might 'fit the bill'. The best course of action is to drop an email to the contact details below, with a copy of your CV, and we can arrange to have a cuppa and a chat.