Some feedback from our clients over the years

Everyone on the team at Bristol Massage Therapy is super passionate about massage and can talk about it until the cows come home, sometimes you have to hear it from the horses mouth.

Without further ado, here are a few of the testimonials from some of our wonderful clients:

I have had three massages at Bristol Massage Therapy and they were all with different practitioners (due to availability), but all a totally wonderful experience in their unique style and approach. I love that each practitioner has their own techniques & speciality and that this allows for the client to choose a practitioner depending on what approach and touch they need.
— L VB
Felt in safe hands from start to finish
— HT
What a really lovely treat. Absolutely loved my hour long total indulgence. I felt so tall when I left. Stretched, energised but somehow relaxed and content too! What a boost to my self esteem.
— KM
Really fantastic deep tissue massage from Ellie. Lovely therapist who took the time to listen to my problem areas and work on those.
— SL
I was very impressed! I met Morganne for the first time, she was so friendly and relaxed that I felt at ease straight away. I felt she was very intuitive to how I was feeling and what I wanted to get out of my appointment. Throughout the two hour massage I felt I was having a physio session and a massage all at the same time and it felt amazing!! ... Thank You.
— KB

I had my first massage with Julie at the Bristol Massage Therapy centre. I had a full body massage which really helped with the tension I’ve been having in my neck and shoulders. My whole body benefited and my feet loved it! I recommend it, a professional and friendly service and very beneficial.
— JD
One of the best massages I have ever had. Remarkable, very enjoyable and no-one has ever found correctly that tight bit in the left side of my back. Excellent in approach and communication and my back and neck feel superb now. Could have drifted off to sleep at the end and I never sleep in the day or during massages.
— KO
Fantastic massage from Julie, who was attentive and professional, listened to what I had to say and offered advice. The massage was gentle but definitely did the trick, soothing some muscle pain I had in my back.
— TC
Great postnatal massage, felt amazing afterwards
— SR
Thank you to Indre for seeing me so last minute to help soothe my back and neck tension that resulted from a series of migraines. She was attentive to my comfort and how much pressure I needed throughout the massage, and checked in regularly while also giving time for me to zone into the treatment. I took her advice of drinking lots of water and putting a heat pad on the area afterwards, and my neck is feeling much more at ease today. THANK YOU!
— KD
I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. Not only do I physically feel more relaxed but mentally, too. I really appreciated being able to talk to you openly about my challenges at the moment and it was nice to speak to someone who didn’t judge and just listened and tried to be understanding. Also, my jaw really does feel so much looser – it’s amazing!
— RF
profiles_websize_victoria square.jpg
Lindsey was lovely, friendly and had an approachable manor. I felt instantly at ease and happy to talk openly about my pregnancy. She provided a thorough full body massage concentrating on my areas of tension. Can’t wait for my next appointment!
— ER
Fabulous sports massage, Morganne really hit the spot. Highly recommended. If you have an ache or pain in your life, albiet depression, anxiety, stress, or muscle trigger points, book here … and chaps, she can do strong too! Awesome work
— PH
Hello Victoria!! I wanted to let you know that after nearly 4 years back in Oz I have found someone almost as talented as you at fixing my aches & pains!! It has been an arduous search, and I have considered giving up & shifting back to Bristol 😊
— NW
Couldn’t recommend Bristol Massage Therapy enough, great location too, tucked away on the triangle, great size room which was lovely and warm and bright.
— NK
I thought the massage was excellent, I was made to feel relaxed and I felt mentally and physically good afterwards.
— DB

I have never been tempted to leave a review, the service and skill provided by Victoria have changed that. I arrived with Victoria, struggling to make the stairs and I now see her on a regular basis and stairs are no issue. The time taken in the beginning allowed her to assess my individual needs and discuss whether I needed extra help by another professional, she managed to put me at ease and work on muscles I never knew existed while taking time to listen to my comments and help me to know my body. I can’t thank her enough for the time, care, skill and professionalism and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her
— GH


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