About Me

As a Massage Therapist I believe that everyone has the potential to be the best they can be, especially when it comes to how we move our bodies and how we live, and I consider it a privilege to help my clients experience this.

However, several years ago was in desperate need of someone to help me. I was unrecognisable – overweight, neglecting my body, I had a bad back, PMT, raging period pains, gastroenteritis and irritable bowel syndrome, all the while tied to the corporate desk job I thought was the best career I could get. Several instances of sudden fainting made me start looking at my life and forced me to start doing something very alien: looking after myself.

I realised that the weight I’d lost through a slimming club had piled back on so decided to start exercising with the help of a personal trainer, but because my back was bad, also made receiving regular massage therapy a priority.

A little part of one dies when not living and feeling your passion. Live it. Feel it. ~ Stephan Covey

The reality of making these changes was almost harder than reaching the decisions to change in the first place. I was starting to listen to my body, and it was telling me it hurt. I finally successfully stopped smoking (!), and was aware that I was aching less, feeling more in control and although I didn’t like where I was, how I looked, how I felt, or what I did, I knew that despite the discomfort and fear of change, the thought of not changing was worse than moving forward.

Live the Life you Love

I am passionate about my job, working with a wide range of people to help them achieve their full potential in health & fitness, and feel the best that they can in their bodies.  If you want to feel better in your own body, are looking for a holistic approach to health and fitness or are after a deeply personal massage experience, know that I will work with you as an individual to help you to be the best you can be.

I feel this is important to express to you, because I care about my clients, and the assistance that I am able to provide to them through my work.


I hold two high calibre massage qualifications:

Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork
Well Mother master

Additionally, I continue to learn and expand my skills, having already completed further CPD training in Deep Tissue Massage, Massage for People with Cancer. As a practicing massage therapist, I am a member of both the Massage Training Institute and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. As you would expect, I am fully insured.

Massage Training Institute (MTI)
CNHC Quality Mark

I am also a qualified Personal Trainer, with additional qualifications in pre & post natal training. However, I no longer offer personal training services.